Coverage for injuries to yourself

Liability insurance covers the risk of causing harm to someone else or their property, and collision and comprehensive insurance cover the risk of damage to your own vehicle.

But what about injury to yourself?

If you are injured in an accident, and nobody else is responsible, auto insurance only provides limited financial assistance.

Many insurance companies offer Medical Payments coverage that pays a limited amount (usually up to $5,000) to cover minor medical bills, regardless of fault.

However, auto insurance doesn't cover medical costs beyond the Medical Payments limit - or, for that matter, medical costs incurred when an auto isn't involved.

The United States does not have universal healthcare, and most non-US health plans do not provide coverage in America.

In order to cover the risk of injuries to yourself during your visit, you need health insurance - specifically, Emergency Medical Coverage.

Emergency Medical Coverage covers the cost of medical bills incurred when you're outside of the coverage territory of your primary health plan.

Most travel insurance includes Emergency Medical Coverage.

Medical costs in the United States can get pricey. Don't make the mistake of thinking that you're totally covered by your auto insurance. Make sure you have medical coverage for yourself throughout your visit.