Your insurance policy should use your Garaging Address, not your LLC's address

If you use to help you buy a vehicle in America, we form a Montana Limited Liability Company (LLC), owned 100% by you.  This LLC is a resident of the State of Montana, and can therefore register a vehicle here.

So shouldn't your insurance policy list your LLC's address?  Not necessarily.

The address provided on your insurance application is one of the main factors that insurance companies use to rate your policy - or decide how risky it is.

You are much more likely to have an accident or have your vehicle broken into in New York City or San Francisco than you are in Bozeman, Montana (where is located).

One major form of insurance fraud involves people taking out an auto policy in a low-risk location and keeping the vehicle in a high-risk location in an effort to avoid paying high insurance premiums.

If an insurance company finds out that a customer has misrepresented the vehicle's Garaging Address - or where the vehicle spends most nights - the insurance company may cancel that customer's coverage and deny the customer's claims.

For 99% of insurance customers, the address where the vehicle is registered is identical to the vehicle's Garaging Address.

But international visitors to the United States registering a vehicle to an LLC are the 1% exception.  It's possible that your vehicle will never spend a night at the address where it is registered.

Everyone takes road trips - insurance companies are completely aware of this.  All American auto insurance policies extend coverage to all 50 states (and Washington, D.C.).

So if you're primarily taking a road trip across the United States, what address should you use for your auto insurance policy?

You should use the address where your vehicle will spend the most nights during your visit.  Preferably, this will be the address of a friend or family member who wouldn't mind receiving mail that the insurance company might spend.  

These days, insurance companies keep a record of known AirBnB / VRBO addresses, and may require additional verification from people taking out policies at these addresses.

In the end, it's most important to take out an auto policy at an address where your vehicle will spend at least one night.  For most vehicles registered to an LLC, that is usually not the address of the LLC.