Short answer

About 20 minutes.

Longer answer

You can hit the road while your registration is in process by requesting a 40-day Montana temp tag from

Longest answer

In order to register your vehicle, needs to receive your vehicle’s properly signed title (the authentic document, not a copy).

While you should receive your vehicle’s title right away if you purchase it from an individual, dealers may take as long as several weeks to send your vehicle’s title to

Please consult our Step by Step Title Transfer Guide when handling your vehicle’s title.

We’ll provide a pre-paid shipping label for you (or the vehicle’s seller) to courier the title to for registration.

When we receive your vehicle’s title, we’ll conduct a document review.  When humans, pen, and paper are involved, issues occasionally happen.  Addressing these issues can take some time.

After receiving and reviewing your vehicle’s title (and addressing any issues), we’ll add it to our registration queue, which we bring to the Montana Motor Vehicles Division about once per week.

Registering your vehicle there takes about 20 minutes.

After registration, we’ll upload images of your license plates, registration document, and title to the Dashboard, where you’ll be prompted to provide a shipping address that’s convenient to your travels.

We ship your items using “2nd-Day” service, which means that, if we send the shipment on a Monday, it will usually arrive on Wednesday.  Fedex sometimes delivers on Saturday, but never on Sunday.  We usually ship your items within one business day of your shipment request.

Additional charges and delays may apply for shipments outside of the United States.

In summary, the timeline for registering your vehicle - and putting license plates in your hands - depends on a number of factors.  But once again, customers are welcome to request a 40-day Montana temp tag so that they can hit the road while their registration is in process.