After Registration, License Plates, and Title, the next step is for to send you those items.

When you receive notification that your license plates, registration, and title are available, you’ll be prompted to provide a shipment destination for them in the dashboard.

We don’t collect your desired shipping address before your items are available because you’re likely on the road, and may be in a different city by the time we have your items.

You can provide any address, such as that of a friend, a relative, or the selling dealer.

Or you can select the option to have your items sent to a Fedex service point, to be held for up to five business days for pickup.  Simply show a government-issued ID that matches the recipient’s name, and pick up your items.

After you provide your destination address, we’ll generate the shipping label and send your items in about one business day.

Shipments sent to an address in the US will usually be sent “second-day,” meaning, if we ship the items on Monday, they should arrive on Wednesday.

Shipments to destinations outside of the United States may take slightly longer, and we may charge you an additional fee to cover the extra shipment cost.

And that's it!  Once you have your Montana license plates, registration, and title, simply continue your visit!

If you're ready to move forward with, you can get started here.