After Forming your Montana Limited Liability Company (LLC), the next step is providing your vehicle’s details on the dashboard.

(Due to app updates, the step numbers in the video may be slightly different than what you see in

Buying your vehicle can be a fun process (with the right mindset), and this step of the process is up to you.  This gives you the flexibility to buy any vehicle you want - car, truck motorcycle, motorhome, trailer, etc.; from a dealer or an individual.  For more information on the purchase process, we’ve written up this guide, which we hope you find helpful.

In the dashboard, you’ll be prompted to enter your vehicle’s required details, which are:

  • Vehicle type: (passenger vehicle, motor home, motorcycle, or trailer)
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): the vehicle’s unique number
  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Color
  • Mileage (for all non-trailer vehicles)
  • Mileage indicator (for all non-trailer vehicles; actual / not actual)
  • Fuel type (for all non-trailer vehicles)

For non-passenger vehicles, the following pieces of information are also required:


  • Wheel base (inches)
  • Wheel diameter (inches)

Motor Homes and Trailers

  • Length (feet)
  • Declared weight (lbs)

All of this information is required to register your vehicle, so thank you in advance for providing it thoughtfully and accurately.

In this step, captures your authorization to sign your vehicle’s title, and any other documents required to register your vehicle, on behalf of your LLC.

This authorization does not give any control or economic interest over your LLC or your vehicle, and it does not permit to buy or sell your vehicle.  It simply authorizes us to carry out administrative actions required to register your vehicle to your LLC.

After providing your vehicle’s details, you are welcome to request your vehicle’s temp tag and/or send your vehicle’s prior title to

Next step: Temp Tag.