Once your LLC is active and you have provided your vehicle's details, you are welcome to request a 40-day Montana temp tag.  What is a 40-day Montana temp tag?

(Due to app updates, the step numbers in the video may be slightly different than what you see in autos.visitor.us)

Temp tags give vehicle buyers a grace period between vehicle purchase and registration.  Read more about them here: What are temp tags?

visitor.us is a licensed Montana auto dealer, and we can issue a Montana temp tag for your vehicle, which are valid for 40 days after the date of issuance.

Montana’s temp tag format is a PDF file.  After we obtain the file from the Montana Department of Motor Vehicle’s dealer portal, we upload it to the visitor.us dashboard and you’ll receive a notification that it’s ready to download.

Because a member of visitor.us staff has to obtain the temp tag from the Montana Department of Motor Vehicle’s dealer portal, your temp tag won’t be available immediately.  We will, however, make best efforts to provide you a temp tag within one business day of your request.

Simply print it, cut where indicated, keep the indicated portion of the document in your vehicle’s glovebox, and attach the indicated portion to your vehicle’s rear license plate holder.

If you buy your vehicle from a dealer, that dealer will most likely issue a temp tag for the vehicle.

The temp tag is valid for 40 days from the issuance date, so if the seller provides you a temp tag, please wait to request a temp tag from visitor.us - we can save them for later, if required.

Whether or not you request a temp tag, the next step in the process is Providing your vehicle's prior title.