A vehicle's prior title must be properly assigned in order to transfer it to a new owner.

In order to transfer ownership of a vehicle from one party to another, that vehicle's title must be properly assigned by its owner.

A vehicle's title is not properly assigned without fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Owner's signature - all owners listed on the face of the vehicle's title must sign the seller's section of the title in blue or black ink.  They should also print their name and address (preferably with the same pen used to sign).
  • Notarization (where required) - if the vehicle's Prior Title was issued by Arizona, Kentucky, Louisiana, Montana, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, or Pennsylvania, the Prior Owner's signature must be notarized.
  • Free of Liens - if any liens are written on the face of the Prior Title, the Prior Title must be accompanied by a lien release, written on the letterhead of the lien holder and signed by an authorized representative of the lien holder.
  • Odometer disclosure - if the vehicle is model year 2011 or newer, the vehicle's Prior Owner must write the odometer reading in the Seller's Section and disclose if the reading differs from the vehicle's actual mileage. Vehicles from model years 2010 and newer are exempt from odometer disclosure requirements.