uses Fedex for document logistics

In order to register a vehicle that you purchase in the United States, requires your vehicle's Prior Title (and sometimes another physical document or two).

How do customers send documents to for registration? provides Fedex shipping labels on its account for all shipments that customers require to register their vehicles.  These Fedex shipping labels are created and made available on the Shipments tab of the Dashboard.

These shipping labels can be downloaded or emailed and printed.

In order to register and title the vehicle in your name (or the name of your LLC), the vehicle's Prior Title must be submitted to the vehicle registration authorities.

If you hire to register your vehicle in Montana, we will create a Fedex shipping label on our account for your vehicle's Prior Title.

If you do not receive the vehicle's Prior Title at the time of purchase, we will email the Fedex shipping label to the seller.

(You might not receive the vehicle's title at the time of purchase if you buy your vehicle ahead of your arrival, for example.)

If you do receive your vehicle's title at the time of purchase, will email the Fedex shipping label to you.

Simply visit a Fedex location (they are everywhere in the US) and show them the shipping label on your phone or computer.  A Fedex employee will provide a Fedex envelope, print the shipping label, and send the shipment for you.