uses Fedex for document logistics

Fedex is an American courier company ships packages of all kinds all over the United States (and beyond). uses Fedex to ship documents and license plates to and from customers.

Receiving your items

When needs to send you an item (such as your license plates and registration or Montana title), we will ask you to provide a shipping address on your Dashboard.  

A Fedex shipping label will be created and displayed in the Dashboard, and we will use the shipping label to send your item to you.

We can ship to the address of a friend, family member, hotel, or short-term rental where you're staying.

Or, if you're on the road, you can select a Fedex location convenient to your route, where your shipment will be held for pickup for up to five business days.  Simply show a photo ID that matches the name on the shipment, and Fedex will release the shipment to you.

Sending items to

You may be required to send items (such as your vehicle's Prior Title) to in order to register your vehicle.

When you add a Vehicle on your Dashboard, you will be asked to provide the seller's address.

When your vehicle purchase is complete, will create a Fedex shipping label to send the vehicle's Prior Title from the seller's address to' address.  (Don't worry if you will actually be sending the Prior Title from somewhere other than the seller's address - the most important address is the destination, will provide the Prior Title shipping label on the Dashboard and/or via email.

If you have access to a printer and a Fedex envelope, 

  1. Print the shipping label,
  2. Enclose the shipping label in the clear pouch on the outside of the envelope,
  3. Enclose the required documents inside the envelope and seal it, and
  4. Drop the sealed envelope into a Fedex dropbox.

If you do not have access to a printer and a Fedex envelope,

  1. Visit a Fedex Office location (they are everywhere in the US),
  2. Show an employee the shipping label on your phone or computer,
  3. The Fedex employee will print your shipping label, enclose it in the pouch of a Fedex envelope, enclose your item into the envelope, and receive your shipment.