Customized license plates are available

If you want your something specific written on your license plates, we can special-order them for you. charges an additional $245 for customized license plates.

Upon registration, you will be issued a Montana Temporary Registration Permit, valid for 40 days.  Within two weeks, your plate will arrive at' office in the mail, and we will contact you to arrange delivery.

Customizations must adhere to the following rules:

  • Must have at least two alphanumeric characters, and cannot be all spaces or all numbers
  • The letter "O" cannot be used - "0" (the number zero) will be used instead
  • Up to three characters may be repeated
  • Spaces may be used, but cannot be used at the beginning or end
  • Maximum characters
    • Standard large plate: 7 characters
    • Charity plates: 6 characters
    • Small plate (motorcycles and trailers): 6 characters