Because vehicle titles are paper documents, written on in ink by humans, errors happen.

Errors will be dramatically reduced if you follow our Step-by-Step Title Transfer Guide.

But even an error does happen, it’s not the end of the world.

Vehicle title errors generally fall into three categories:

  • The buyer’s name was listed incorrectly,
  • Something was crossed out or written over on the title, and/or
  • The seller didn’t sign properly

Buyer’s name listed incorrectly

The most common error we see is the buyer listing their personal name in the New Registered Owner Section (or, the Buyer’s Section) of a title.

If you hire to register your vehicle, we will form a Montana Limited Liability Company (LLC) for you.  This LLC is a resident of Montana, giving it (not you) the right to register a vehicle here.

Therefore, your LLC (not you) must be listed as the buyer on the vehicle’s title (or other ownership paperwork).

This error can be corrected with Form MV100 - Statement of Fact, an example of which can be seen below. will generate this form for your signature.

Fortunately, Montana accepts electronic signatures (that conform to E-SIGN / EUTA regulations) on Form MV100.

Generating and sending this document to you for signature takes time and effort, so if it is required, your registration may be delayed.

Cross-out or write-over

Cross-outs, write-overs, and white-outs may void a vehicle’s title.  Therefore, be very careful when writing anything on a vehicle’s title.

In many cases, Form MV100 - Statement of Fact (see example above) can be used to address a cross-out or write-over.

The Seller didn’t sign properly

A seller must sign the seller’s section of a vehicle’s title in order to release his or her ownership interest in the vehicle.

Occasionally, we receive vehicle titles where the seller signed in the wrong place, or did not sign at all.

In these cases, Montana allows the vehicle’s sale to be documented with a notarized MV24 - Bill of Sale, submitted with the vehicle’s title - see example below.