A handful of US states don't issue titles for vehicles over a certain age.

In these cases, the vehicle’s registration documents, properly signed by the registered owner, are acceptable in place of the vehicle’s title.

Images/scans/photos are not acceptable, authentic, ink-signed registration documents are required.

If your vehicle’s registration document is from one of the following states, and the model year of the vehicle falls within the indicated age for that state, your vehicle’s registration serve as its ownership document:

  • Alabama: 36 years or older
  • Connecticut: 20 years or older
  • Georgia: 1985 or older
  • Maine: 1994 or older
  • Massachusetts: 1980 or older
  • New Hampshire: 1999 or older
  • New York: 1972 or older
  • Rhode Island: 2000 and older
  • Vermont: 16 years or older