While there is technically no barrier to opening a bank account with your Montana Limited Liability Company (LLC), it's critical to consider the implications.

If you are in the United States on a “non-working” visa such as a B-1/B-2, or on ESTA visa waiver, employment is generally not allowed.

US authorities can view managing a business that you own as employment.

Not all LLC’s are businesses.  Some are legal entities that hold an asset - such as a piece of real estate, or a vehicle.

Opening a business bank account with your Montana LLC may suggest that your LLC is a business, more than just a legal entity that holds an asset.

It's advisable to be cautious about actions that might suggest active management of a business - such as opening a business bank account in the name of your LLC - during your stay.

This information is not legal or financial advice, and consulting with a professional is recommended for personalized guidance.