Your vehicle’s prior title needs to be sent to for registration.  How is that process managed?

When you enter “from” address for your vehicle’s prior title shipment, will automatically generate and email you a pre-paid Fedex or DHL shipping label.

The shipping label will list the “from” address that you provided, and’ name and address as the recipient.

Simply visit any Fedex or DHL service point (depending on which company’s shipping label we provide) and show the digital version of the shipping label to the clerk.

The clerk will help you print the shipping label, provide an envelope, and show you how to attach the shipping label to the envelope.

Simply hand the labeled, sealed envelope with your vehicle’s prior title inside to the clerk, and you’re done!

(If you are buying your vehicle remotely, and will not be able to physically accept the vehicle’s title, simply forward the Fedex or DHL shipping label to the seller, and ask them to use it to send the vehicle’s prior title to

We’ll notify you when we’ve received your vehicle’s prior title, and after document review and registration, we’ll notify you that your Montana license plates, registration, and title are ready.

At that time, we’ll request an address that’s convenient to your travels (it can be a completely different address from the “from” address that you provided for your vehicle’s prior title shipment) to send your items to.