More than one customer has sold their vehicle to a dealership and realized that they can't deposit the check because the dealership wrote the check to the LLC, not the individual.

Avoid this painful mistake!!!

Many dealers have policies that require them to make payment to the registered owner listed on the vehicle's title.

(Think about it: if Bob Smith brought a vehicle titled to Alice Jones into Ford of New York for sale, this vehicle may be stolen or otherwise ill-gotten. If Ford of New York paid Bob Smith for the vehicle, they may be abetting a crime. They don't want that trouble, so they'll usually only make payment to Alice Jones.)

If registers a vehicle for you, the registered owner of your vehicle will be your Montana Limited Liability Company (LLC), not you, the individual.

Setting up a bank account for your LLC is a hassle, which you probably don't want to go through if you're about to leave the country.

So how can you most easily receive the proceeds of your vehicle sale?

Here's the solution: most dealers can make payment to agents or owners of a company, if documentation of that agency or ownership is provided.

So when you approach a dealer to sell your vehicle, bring your printed Montana Articles of Formation, which prove that you own the LLC that owns your vehicle.

Give this information to the dealership at the start of the conversation, before they inspect your vehicle. If they can't make a deal work, find another dealer.