Starting 1 January 2024, all US companies must file a Beneficial Ownership Information Report (BOIR), which lists all of the company’s owners, to the US government.

Just a handful of pieces of information are required to file a BOIR:

  • Company information (name, address, EIN, date formed, etc.)
  • Owner information (Name, date of birth, residential address, etc.) uses the secure service Stripe Identity, which verifies each customer’s identity with a selfie and a picture of his or her identity document, which we also use to populate the BOIR. does not store your information.

The BOIR requires an EIN, which is obtained after submitting Form SS-4.

The deadline to file a BOIR is 90 days after a company is formed.

You do not have to take any action for this item beyond forming your LLC and submitting Form SS-4; will file your BOIR on behalf of your LLC.

Statutory Filings Overview.